At ATTRACTION BY DESIGN we specialize in creative and customized hair creations that are specific and tailored to your person….by DESIGN!


We believe each person is unique and that self image is one of the most important things in a person’s life. How you see YOURSELF reflects in all areas of what you do and who you are. Your job, your marriage, your relationships…..Everyone feels better when they sense that their physical traits create a sense of ATTRACTION .


When people say “It is just a hair cut” we can’t disagree more. When we are done with you, the first thing you will notice, besides the compliments from everyone around you, is a huge increase in your CONFIDENCE. You will experience a satisfying feeling of self-assurance and "positivity". The quality of your LIFE will  IMPROVE.


Owned and Operated by lead stylist NICOLE BACA , we are entering our 9th year of operation (wow time flies)! Our advertisement is by referrals only. You are our business card! If you LIKE US, please give us a Facebook thumbs up and tell your friends about us.



We specialize in Color Concepts, Hair Design, Babe Hair Extensions, Special Events (weddings, prom, homecoming), Professional Lash and Brow Tinting and many more full Service Salon Specials. Need REFERRALS? Check out our yellow pages reviews HERE.....!!!

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