We opened our brand new location the end of March 2019


Now Located At 307 8th Street


aka The Bullocks Building aka The Old Summit Canyon Building



in Down Town Glenwood Springs


Thank you to our business sponsers, the City of Glenwood, Kaufman Electric, Moore Plumbing and Heating, Jason Hughes at Flooring America and Peak Mechanical and last but not least Mrs. Jan Bullock.


Come on By and Say Hello and Let us Give you The Tour!!

!!!!!  We are Looking For Booth Renters !!!!



We offer....


- Competitive Booth rental rates


- Flexibility on Schedule


- Flexible day-per-week requirement


- Space, elbow room, and then more space (did we say space ?)


- No Drama


- Clean, smoke free, smell free, well lit 2nd Level Salon


- Prime location. Our walk by traffic is 2nd to None. Following the construction of the Colorado Bridge, the City of Glenwood and the Local businesses in this area have made a conscientious effort to increase marketing appeal to foot traffic. If you want place where 'it' is happening, look no further!


Nicole opened her new salon after an eye opening 10 month stint of working the local booths at a variety of hair salons.


From this experience it became apparent that it the current booth renting market is in need of a place where young or established stylists can build and thrive.


It is our goal to meet your needs and give you momentum, right where it counts.....


- competitive booth prices

- 20% commision on retail (2x the going rate of other shops)

- flexible schedules

- room to run your operation

- walk-in exposure

- no drama

- clear, frequent and consistent group communication and team building

- training and credit towards continuing education

- free marketing on our website



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